Award Winning

Becky Conley

We are hosting a Halloween party and beyond the standard trick-or-treat candy, we are including a costume contest. To make the judging (and winning) more official we needed custom award ribbons for each of our costume categories. To make the ribbons, I made a 4″ circle of cardstock and ruffled a 1.5″ strip of black cardstock around it. The Duetica DT Piper font was perfect for the award categories. This font captures the very essence of the “classic” film “Nightmare Before Christmas.” Each award title was printed onto 3.5 circle and attached over it. Ribbon tails are 2″ x 6″.

Duetica Font: DT Piper font

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2 Responses to Award Winning

  1. What a cute idea! Perfect for Halloween!

  2. Niki Meiners says:

    Fun idea. Might have to steal it for the party in a few weeks.