Light of the Party

Becky Conley

I wanted to tie the theme from my invitations over to my party table settings. Since this was an evening party, I thought luminaries would be a nice touch to add a glow to a magical night. I printed the large letter “R” using the Duetica DT Woodwynds font, and added the “Happily Ever After” sentiment at the bottom using the DT Mandolyn font. Using a craft knife, I cut the widest areas of the monogram out, leaving some of the printed ink color around the border. I then adhered the vellum behind the cut out, and rolled the ends together securing with super sticky tape. Finally, I just had to add some stickles to the dots on the this wonderful font to add to the sparkle of these charming luminaries.

Gem Setting Kit – Purple Cow
Stamp It Set – Purple Cow
Pin It Set – Purple Cow
Cardstock: white
Scrap piece of vellum paper
Duetica Font: DT Woodwynds and DT Mandolyn fonts

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