About the Duetica Design Team

Duetica.com, which offers a new way to work with fonts for all forms of home decor and paper-crafting, is proud to introduce you to our 2012-2013 Duetica Design Team. The team is comprised of ten of the most talented scrapbookers, card makers, and decorators that we have ever seen, including:

Ann Butler
Ann is a Mixed Media Artist, Designer and Instructor for the creative industries with a passion for teaching others to craft. She has her designs published in Multi Authored Books, Magazines, Project Sheets and has a craft column in a local paper. She is a Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) Design Member and currently serves as Chair of the Designer Council for CHA.
Becky Conley
Becky is a retired USMC, mom of 2, nana to one. She love mixed media art, paper crafting, home decor, recycled crafting, actually: just about anything crafting. She is a commissioned artist, creating original designs for licensors as well as artwork for trade show displays, and both craft and kit development.
Candice Windham
Candice loves to paint, play with her pups, sing with her hubby (who makes everyone sound good), read, play with her camera and create interesting art out of nothing much. She is currently a designer with the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association).
Christy Monge
Christy is a former “Catholic school girl” who loves to scrapbook, sew, cook and basically be creative. She went to college in Australia and earned a BA in Media Studies and began her design career in the video industry. Her favorite things are mini books, paper, any cool tool, and digital scrapbooking.
Eileen Hull
Eileen besides being a free lance designer, author and licensed artist, was the very first Duetica Lettering Arts Studio designer. Her “Best Wishes Brenda” bridal layout is the key feature on the Duetica website home page.
Jaclyn Keys
Jaclyn is an accomplished designer, and has always had a passion for paper crafting of all types. Her favorites include scrapbooking, making custom hard-bound journals, photography, and she markets a variety of craft items on Etsy. She enjoys spending time with her family and loving her three cats. Jaclyn was also the grand prize winner in the very first Duetica Design Contest.
Keri Lee Sereika
Keri Lee has been a designer for 10+ years. She is a stay at home mother of four and wife to a USAF Reserves pilot. Keri has authored two books as well as many articles in a variety of craft magazines and online media. When not busy homeschooling and playing with her kids, Keri can be found up in her studio designing cards or on the computer researching & writing articles on crafting.
Lori Servies
Lori loves to design cards, scrapbooks and other paper crafts. She lives in Tennessee and is a stay at home mom and wife of almost 30 years. Lori was one of the top winners of the 2011 Duetica Fall Contest.
Lorine Mason
Lorine Mason is a licensed product designer, an accomplished project designer and the author of ten ‘how to’ sewing books. An eye for detail, innovative project design, trend awareness and hard work are the corner stones of her business; Lorine Mason Designs. It’s Sew Lorine©, and she’s Sew Crafty; is a brand, a blog and a lifestyle. She likes nothing better than to inspire others through her design work.
Niki Meiners
Niki is a freelance designer, and writer, known for her bold choice of color combinations and diverse mix of styles. Her favorite mediums are Paper Crafting, Rubber Stamping, Scrapbooking, Card Making, Altered Art, Needle Felting, Needle Punch, Beads and Jewelry, Metalsmithing and Home Decor.
Suzanne Sergi
Suzanne loves scrapbooking for many reasons. It is her creative outlet, and she loves getting lost with paper, and glue. She loves pajama days with her family, and takes advantage of them, by spending time in her studio. Scrapbooking is the perfect combination for her love of paper and photography.

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  1. Lorine Mason says:

    The blog is filled with wonderful inspiring projects. The fonts are beautiful and open up all kinds of possiblities. I believe I can provide Duetica with a peek into the fabric world with my designs. I look forward to discussing things further with you. I loved meeting you both…….

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