Eileen Hull

I decided to make a Christmas ornament for my yearly gift for family and friends this year. When I designed the Sizzix ScoreBoard Bird die, I was thinking what a cool Christmas ornament it would make. But you can also use it for bridal and baby showers, empty nesters, Happy Bird- day (sorry- know that was cheesy but couldn’t resist), tweeting, and general everyday cards. Birdies are always in style! I accessed the Duetica Lettering Arts Studio and selected the DT Mandolyn font. This is my very favorite font and is perfect for reflecting the sentiment I chose for the ornament, “Peace on Earth 2012”. It is so easy and fun to use the software to create the perfect collection of letterforms for your message. The beauty of this system is that there are 15-20 options for each letter both upper and lower case. There are great swashes and for beginning and ending words. Notice in the photo that there are 2 forms of e in “Peace”. This is an extra added cool touch for using text in your projects.

Sizzix bird
Distressing inks
Duetica Font: DT Mandolyn font

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