Backyard Burger Burn

Keri Lee Sereika


There’s nothing that says summer quite like a backyard burger burn, don’t you think? Just the smell of the grill as it cooks, the sounds of the kids laughing the background…ahhh that is sooo quintessential “Summer” to me. Well this month I thought it’d be fun to really showcase the versatility of the Duetica Piper Font as well as showcase how fun it can be to make PERSONALIZED invitations!! For this one I decided to use the Duetica DT Piper font. And while that was good, I found that adjusting the sizes of the fonts as I created also really helped bring out the “fun” in this font. As the final finishing touch I decided to “go wild” and do three different font colors. Ahhh now that my invitation is all done all that’s left to do is get the burgers made and on the grill!

Patterned Paper
Duetica Fonts: DT Piper font

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