Spanish Thank You Cards

Niki Meiners

What should a good guest do after a celebration? Why send a thank you card. Even better is to send a hand made thank you card. I like to make my cards in big batches. That way I always have some on hand. When creating these cards I wanted to use really fun fonts too. So I went to and played around until I got just the look I wanted. To create the spanish greeting card set I used some of my favorite papers from Frances Meyer. I also used Marvy Uchida Punches. The Duetica fonts allowed me to create the sentiments that I wanted (not just what they have at the store), and the font variability makes the finished cards look like they were lettered by a professional. After you have enjoyed the celebration do not forget to be a good guest and send a note of thanks.

Paper Frances Meyer
Punches Marvy Uchida
Duetica Font: DT Tin Whistle and DT Piper fonts

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