The Last Grad

Becky Conley

On June 1st, my youngest child, Jessica will be graduating from High School. WHEW, the time has flown by!! We are planning her graduation bash and with the help of’s pretty fonts, I’ve created this invitation for the event using the DT Floot, DT Woodwynds, DT Piper and DT Tin Whistle fonts. This invitation is just her style! It’s easy to make elegant invitations using your imagination, lots of layers and the fabulous fonts of’s Lettering Arts Studio. It was so easy to create in Microsoft Word. I laid it out 4 copies to a page and printed it out on cardstock. I finished it off by double matting it and added a touch of ribbon.

Microsoft Word
Patterned paper
Duetica Fonts: DT Woodwynds, DT Floot, DT Piper and DT Tin Whistle fonts

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