Birth Sign Profile

Kathy Peterson

My mom had wooden plaques of our family members’ birth signs for wall art when I was in my teens. To make a more modern version for my own family, I chose to update the look by making the design more fanciful and light hearted. The Duetica Tin Whistle font was the perfect choice to capture the zestful nature of a Sagittarian. The entire project was done in Photoshop (you can also use Photoshop Elements). The Duetica Lettering Arts Studio allows you to add color blobs behind the letters, for this project I mixed the Duetica DT Saxi font blobs with the Duetica Tin Whistle font. The final design was embellished with a variety of clip art and hand drawn items.

Clip Art
Duetica DT Saxi and DT Tin Whistle fonts

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