Tribute to My Grandmother

Christy Monge

I created an 8×8 companion page (to the page I did for my mom) as a tribute to my grandmother and great-grandmother. Never a day goes by that I don’t think of my grandmother and my great-grandmother. I still miss them after all these years. I used stitching on this layout to represent how my grandmothers knitted our family together with all their traditions. The swirls and vines of the Duetica DT Woodwynds font that I used for “Grandmother” really matched the flower design. I liked how the gentle, yet formal flair of the Duetica DT Mandolyn font added a touch of grace to my personalized sentiment, “forever in my heart.”

Digital Kit: “Clementine” from Shabby Princess
Duetica Fonts: DT Woodwinds and DT Mandolyn fonts

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One Response to Tribute to My Grandmother

  1. Ryo says:

    its gonna be my its gonna be my boyfriend and i first avninersary on monday and i’m using this design to make a scapebook thank u soo much for sharing your ideas..if u have any tips related to a more love-ish type design, plz comment back once again, thanks so much!