Monogram Pillow

Lorine Mason

For this pillow project I utilized the wonderful Duetica DT Woodwinds font and created a housewarming gift my daughter and her partner who are moving into their new house next week. I decided since their initials were kind of fun kMn & kNm that I would create a one-of-kind pillow. I created the pattern on my computer, printed it out and used a light table to trace in onto a piece of canvas. I then lined out the tracing using a marker and painted in the centers of the letters. I used Tumble Dye by S.E.I to paint in the letters. I combined fuchsia, pink and yellow to achieve the coloring you see on the pillow front. While the ink does not act as a full resist, I found that I could carefully brush in the paint right next to the ink allowing only a small space for the ink to flow and had no problems. Once you have completed your line work, painting and have heat set the inks and dyes it is time to create your pillow. There are many ways to make a pillow and sometimes simple is the way to go.

Tumble Dye by S.E.I.
Duetica Font: DT Woodwynds font

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