Bedtime PJs

Niki Meiners

Both of my children love to read books before bed time.  Good Night Moon was my sons favorite.  My 2 year old daughters favorite is Pajama Time.  In the morning last week she did not want to get dressed.  She kept running around giggling jamma, jamma, jamma, jamma pj.  This is one of the lines that repeat throughout the book.  I took this to mean that she wanted a pajama day.  Naturally, as a good mommy I indulged in this treat and it was quite nice for a change. For the page I chose the DT Piper font for its pixie-like whimsy, and set the background using the bonus Spring / Summertime digital kit that comes with the Duetica DT Floot font.

Photoshop or other graphics drawing program
Duetica Bonus Kit: Spring / Summertime Bonus Kit with DT Floot font
Duetica Font: DT Piper font

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